A kitchen, that makes your dreams come true

Kitchen for connoisseurs, romanticists, pragmatists, designers and real cooks.

Equipped with the latest technology.

Each of our Egger-Joiner-Kitchen is top of the range, unique and equipped with the latest top-quality appliances. Functionality, design and quality are always merged with each other.


High value, the very best materials like wood, stone, glass or stainless steel and special finishing effects form a perfect symbiosis and an atmosphere, which transforms your kitchen into more than a functional room. We create new living spaces, in which you feel at once at home and which become the center of your house.

Choose yourself which type of kitchen you prefer:

A country style kitchen or a modern avant-garde one or …


Benefit from many years of experience and seek our competent advice.

We are happy to build an exceptionally unique kitchen for you - far away from any normal standard.