About us ...

More than 40 years of experience

The planning, construction, advisory service and production of your furniture benefit from more than 40 years of experience. Modern furniture is built according to proven craftsman's tradition to meet the highest requirements.

Individual advisory service

Your furnishings are a matter for the boss.

He will competently advice and support you – with all the time it needs - during all the production phases.

Sketches and samples

With our free offer you will get a design sketch. Later when we discuss an order you will get detailed drawings and samples which we will discuss with you.

Detailed in-house production

Many years of experience and the in-house production of preferably all the parts of your furniture guaranty a top of the range product, whose individuality will be underlined by a high quality surface finishing.

Modern technology

We use modern technology and efficient machines to guaranty an economic production of your furniture.

Meeting deadlines

Precise timing makes sure that all deadlines are met.


The installation of your kitchen or furnishings is done by our own qualified craftsmen.


The new designed rooms are left broom-clean.

Customer service

Upon the completion of your order we will be happy to help you in case of any queries.

Lasting value and reproducibility 

Our kitchens and furnishings are high quality and long-life products.

Even after years it is possible to build extensions to the already build-in furniture.

All the parts and surface finishing are reproducible.


We produce electricity with our own photovoltaic system and the whole building is heated with wood chips.